Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chair lovin'

Lately I have had my eye on some really nice chairs, including the ones below:

Despite my best efforts to save $$ I couldn't resist. So, thanks to a great deal (thanks Craigs List!) I bought a chair with the upholstery in the first picture (blue and tan silk) and the antique finishing of the wood in the second. I love it and I am thoroughly pleased!

I have to say though, that half the fun was the drive to pick up the chair. We live in an upper-middle class area but there definitely some ritzy areas nearby. Even in our own town there are areas where houses go for upwards of $2 million easy. Still....I didn't realize how huge and elaborate some of these properties are. (If I can't afford it I try not to look... it hurts less that way.) Anyway, I googled the sellers address and got directions. Even with directions in hand I didn't realize that we were heading into the land of McMansions.

We drive about 10-15 minutes away and the homes grow larger and larger, each one more beautiful then the next. They are mansions. No lie, no exaggeration. In fact, on one piece of land there was an advertisement for a developer specifying that they specialize in mansions. Wowza! We find the road we're looking for without a problem. As we drive down the street I realize that these are not just houses, they are properties. They have full size tennis courts etc. I still can't get over it. So much opulence! It was a perfect the day for such a drive... the sun was shining, a warm breeze was blowing and we rode with the windows down. Perfection!

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