Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Best Notepads EVER


Most people think post-it's, maybe some lined paper in the office and that's it. Bland paper to write lists, notes and other necessities. Other people have an appreciation of paper quality, color, texture, weight, design, etc. etc. I have a slight stationary addiction. I've been coveting these notepads for well over a year now. When I first saw them they were sold in a wonderful set:

I don't remember the exact price but I clearly remember thinking that was an outrageous price for some paper that wasn't even custom or cardstock! Sigh. I still want them. A year later and I still want cute pads of paper with quotes on them.

At the current time they are sold in packs of 8, by quote. On the up side, they come with chic little bamboo pens and the have printed new quotes! Unfortunately I think these sweet little bits of paper will have to continue to party at the Townhouse a little longer. Like the rest of the world I'm trying to not throw my money away. These days I can't justify spending that much on paper even though the pricing has decreased. (Scratch that -- the pricing was really just altered since you now only get one design, in a smaller pack. Who knows if the actual price per item has decreased!) I'll continue to lust from afar....

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