Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Some.

I love the idea of buying local but sometimes big box retailers are so much easier. I can't deny that Target is my favorite place to buy everyday items (and tons of other "essentials" that I discover) and Harris Teeter is my favorite place to buy my groceries. I really appreciate the reminder from the 350 project to take the time to buy local and help out local retailers. These shop owners are members of our community and they need our support, particular in these difficult economic times. I haven't picked out my three places yet but I definitely have some ideas. My number one place is a posh home store that stocks yummy pieces of to-die-for furniture. Luckily they also have some home decor accessories that are more in my price range. Also on my mind is a little stationary shop that stocks fun party supplies and holiday garb. It's my "go to" shop for great cards and "flair" such as the shamrock beads I wore to a St. Patrick's Day party.

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