Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain Rain

Tonight the skies opened up and it rained as I was on my way to my first softball game. I've never played the game. 2 years ago I hadn't ever watched one. Now, I've decided to give in to some colleagues and play on the office team. What have I gotten myself into? Anyway... tonight the skies opened up and I checked with the ballfield rain-out number for the umpteen time. At 5pm they updated the message -- all games cancelled! I turned back around, as I was en-route at the time, and went home. It was drizzling when I arrive home but nothing too major. I had enough time to make it through the lobby and into my apartment when it started to downpour. It hardly ever rains like that here so it was quite a sight to see. The weather phenom was complete with crazy wind and rain blowing sideways. Eeeks!

On the up side... I have more time before I have to face the softball field. I'm so nervous!

photo via ffffound

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