Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Weekend

Today I've been super tired. Heck, it's Monday so that wasn't super surprising. I was recounting my weekend in an e-mail to an old friend when I realized how crazy it's been. Definitely unexpected too. Want the details? Here goes (huge inhale)...

Saturday morning = early wake-up to gray skies. Figure out if I will have a game today. Lots of phone calls and Internet checks. Confirm that game is on. Stretch. Head to football (co-ed and non-tackle!). It starts to rain... we begin our game. Wet, on muddy fields and I'm the only one in sneakers. I only slip once and I count my blessings. Hang out/grab lunch with 1/4 of my team afterwards. Head back to fields. Wait for word if I need to step in as an alternate on a friend's team. Finally hear back 10 minutes to their game time. Change into a dirty and smelly shirt. Less than 5 mins later I find out that they have someone else. Change out of shirt. Watch game. Head home. Shower, finally!!! Fall asleep on the couch in a towel. Wake up an hour later in a daze. Get ready. Grab ice-coffee on the way to the bar. (Actually finished it in the bar. Awesome/Classy, I know.) Met up with a friend who is moving out of state this week. Have drinks, watch sports on bar TV's and listen to reallllly bad DJ (who mixes Bob Marley, KrisKross and tons of 80's music?!) Friends leave. We stay. Decide I want to dance. Head to English pub around the corner. Get carded. Really young looking girl wearing a "just turned 21" sign is waiting to be let into bar. Feel old. Listen to more bad DJ music. Have no cash. Charge $18 on my credit card so I can get a beer. Beer was gross and the atmosphere was akin to a bad frat party. Went home. Hubs-to-be laughs at me throughout the night. I'm good comic relief.

Sunday... stomach hurts. Confirm that I don't like beer. Move slow, take long shower, etc. Attend a college graduation party. Eat wings = amazing! Chat with my future home loan officer and get his life story. Love hearing from people with multiple careers. Leave graduation party and head to Target on a Sunday evening. No carts and tons of people. Leave with a basket of random things.

Yeah... so that's pretty much it.
image is by James Roper, via ffffound

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