Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cozy Candles

OK, so the candles themselves aren't cozy. I love the vibe a room gets from the flicker of a candle. One candle, five candles, fifty candles... they are all fabulous. Today I'm loving this photo:

All those candles make the room seem so cozy! It makes me want to sit and stay a while. I've decided that I want tons and tons of candles at my wedding reception. No idea when or where it will be as that is the one and only decision I've made so far. (On that note-- if you know of a pretty bit of land in DC/MD I can use, for little $, I will be eternally grateful!)

I found this dining room picture on another blog but there was no photo credit. If you know who or where it was from originally please let me know. I hate not giving credit where it's due. Thanks!

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